Creative Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Snaps


If you’ve just celebrated your wedding, then you’ll be itching to get your photographs on display where everyone can see them. There are many different ways for you to do this – framing photos is the most obvious, but there are many other ways to show them off.

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Something Different

There is a common understanding among wedding photographers about what makes a good photo, but have you thought about how you are going to display them?

Magnetic Photo Calendar

This is a great, practical way of showcasing those pics. If you put them on your fridge you’re also guaranteed to see them more than other photos in your house!

Ceramic Photo Tiles

This is a beautiful idea. Get the photos transferred to tile so you can frame them and show them off in a way that is different to standard photos.

Customised Pillows

What better way to say ‘I love you’ than printing a special photo of you and your other half on a pillow for them to cuddle. Makes a great anniversary gift too!

Glowing Photo Spheres

This is a striking option which allows you to print your photos on a lantern. It could be a decoration for an event or just to add a little more love to your home décor.

Photo Lollipops

This is one of the more unusual ideas which is also really fun. You could get your photos transferred onto a lollipop. It would make a great thank you present for those that came to your big day, or even just a fun way to show your love to your new bride or groom.

Preparing for the Photos

Before you can choose your snaps, you have to be sure your photographer understands what you want. If you’re about to get married, your Bournemouth wedding photographer will be able to give you some good ideas about what will make a good photo.

However, it is always good to do a bit of research yourself to see if your photographer can make your visions come to life. A website such as gives you a good overview of the photographer’s work so you will be able to see which of your perfect photo ideas will be possible.

Now that you’re officially married, why not show off your photos in a way that is personal to you?

Written by Jason Harris