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Especially in babies and very young children, flatulence can be a real problem – not only for the child concerned, but also for the parents. As is well known, the first three months of life are particularly critical. After all, many babies suffer from flatulence. Approximately ten to 30 percent of the patients suffer from severe, sometimes colicky, pain.

You probably already know this, after all, flatulence in the first year of life is not a rarity. And you certainly know the consequences that this can have. The little one feels uncomfortable by the flatulence or even by a full feeling, and begins to scream or quench.

Since our little one in the world was also often the case and is quite normal with small children. For us, it was sometimes very stressful and we tried different things. But what to do to alleviate this, or even to prevent it? The drug Sab Simplex was a valuable help for us and made life much easier for the child as well as for us, the parents.

In the following I will explain to you how Sab Simplex works and what you should pay attention to. In addition, I give you a few tips on how to use it and what else you can do against flatulence.

What are the ingredients of Sab Simplex and how does it work?

It is a drug-free, but non-prescription medicine, which is used for the treatment of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The central active ingredient is Simeticon. This simeticon is a chemical compound, which is classified as a drug in the group of carminatives, i.e. the substances against flatulence.

At first I was skeptical, if the small one really should take medication. The mode of operation is however after my research very safe. Here I explain it to you.

This is how Sab Simplex works

It functions as a kind of defoamer and on a purely physical basis. The active substance is therefore not absorbed by the body, but is excreted unchanged after it has done its work. It is therefore extremely well tolerated and has virtually no side effects.

To understand how Simeticon works, and how Sab Simplex works in detail, it is important to remember what is the cause of flatulence, which is the most common disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

The answer is: Flatulence is nothing but air and gas accumulations in the stomach or intestine.

They are caused by the consumption of so-called blanching foods, such as fruit, by too hasty food, in which often more air than necessary enters the stomach, or by intestinal gases, which are a natural consequence of the digestion process.

The active substance simeticon now starts with these gases and the excess air. It is capable of dissolving both and at least alleviating the symptoms associated with flatulence.

In the majority of cases, flatulence is a harmless affair, which is unpleasant, but you do not have to worry about it. This also applies explicitly to babies and toddlers. In the first months of life very frequent flatulence occurs in babies.

Responsible for this is the milk with which they are fed – regardless of whether the baby is breast-fed or fed with the bottle. Since the digestive tract of an infant is not yet fully developed, the milk may form a viscid foam. This is maintained in the stomach for a relatively long period of time, as it moves very slowly and very sluggishly.

Many air bubbles are included in this foam, which then lead to flatulence. The Simeticon in Sab Simplex dissolves this foam shortly after taking this foam and thus ensures an immediate well-being.

What exactly can be seen in babies’ flatulence?

Since babies and very small children cannot speak yet, they communicate in a different way with their environment, especially with their parents.

For example, if they feel pain or feel uncomfortable, cry or cry for other reasons. Just regular cramps are often a clear indication of flatulence.

The same applies, of course, to a tummy inflated in the truest sense of the word. In the first three to five months of life, flatulence is very frequent and perfectly normal.

They are extremely unpleasant for the little one, but there is therefore no reason for panic. It is definitely not a disease but a normal development process.

If the flatulence does not dissolve even after the administration of a drug like Sab Simplex and may be associated with fever or other symptoms, you should definitely visit a pediatrician.

At what age should Sab Simplex be used?

There are no age restrictions on the use of Sab Simplex. It can be administered practically from birth, should this be necessary.

It is thus also ideally suited to treat and alleviate the dreadful colic, which are usually feared by parents in the first three months of life.

Up to one third of all infants and bottle children are affected in Germany. The violent screams that they bring with them often represent a tremendous nerve strain on the parents, which can sometimes get to their limits. With Sab Simplex, these three-dimensional columns can be treated optimally. The medicine also ensures relaxation for the entire family.

How to use Sab Simplex?

The medicament Sab Simplex is available in various dosage forms which do not differ in the active substance and therefore the mode of functioning.

Soft capsules, chewing tablets and drops are available. While the first two versions are suitable for larger children and adults, the droplets are of course suitable for infants and toddlers. I will now go into the latter and the accompanying dosage.

The right dosage

If there is flatulence or bloating, the manufacturer recommends the administration of 15 drops, which corresponds to approximately 0.6 milliliters of fluid, per given vial of food. So, this is very little but still effective.

For bottle-feeding

The drops can easily be mixed with the milk. Sab Simplex in drop form mixes with other liquids very quickly and without residues. Then the bottle can then be fed as usual. The baby takes the medicine naturally with the food.

For nursing children

If, on the other hand, the baby is still breastfeeding, it is of course necessary to have a plan B. The drops can be mixed badly with the mother’s milk in the breast. The manufacturer therefore recommends the use of a small, soft plastic spoon, which in turn is placed 15 drops before breastfeeding in the baby’s back pockets, from where the preparation then reaches the gastrointestinal tract via the natural swallowing reflex.

For small children

In the case of small children who already take baby food or mash, 15 drops are also indicated after each meal. Here, too, of course, the direct mixing with the food is appropriate.

My tip for quenching phases

In the phases in which the little ones quarreling and jumps, Sab has also helped us super. If the little one is only screaming and quivering, he usually needs a lot of physical proximity and warmth. In addition, you can also give 2-3 drops of Sab to the pacifier. So, the baby calms down a bit and can recover better.

Is Sab Simplex suitable for larger children and adults?

The answer to this is clearly yes. Sab Simplex is not a drug developed specifically for babies. It is generally used for the treatment of flatulence or bloating, and also works with larger children and adults.

As already indicated, other dosage forms, in particular capsules, are suitable. But also, the drops can be taken by any human being regardless of his age. However, of course, the dosage is then increased in order to actually achieve the desired effect. You should therefore read the leaflet with the dosage recommendations before taking this medicine. Since this medicine can be used by every household living in the household, it is also particularly practical and is ideally suited to supplement the house pharmacy.

What side effects does Sab Simplex have? What should be considered?

Basically, in the case of medications, they can also have side effects in addition to the desired effects. However, no side effects have been observed with Sab Simplex. In other words, there are obviously no side effects for this preparation.

It is, of course, possible that it reacts with other medicines and so-called interactions occur. Whether this is the case depends, of course, on the drugs that are taken additionally. It is therefore recommended to ask the pharmacist for possible interactions before buying Sab Simplex.

The preparation should not be taken if an intolerance or an allergy is present against its active substance simeticon. Basically, Sab Simplex is a very unproblematic drug, which is very well tolerated in the majority of all cases and does not lead to any health problems when used correctly. This is essentially due to the fact that the central active substance, as already described, is not absorbed by the body, but is excreted unchanged in a natural way.

Who actually produces Sab Simplex?

Sab Simplex was produced by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which was founded in the USA in the middle of the 19th century and has also been active in Germany since 1958. In the meantime, the globally operating group employs more than 2,000 people. The head office in Germany is located in Berlin. Further locations are Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Munich.

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest and best-known pharmaceutical companies. In his range of prescription-free medications, for example, the widely used splitting paints or the Baldriparan sedative drops are found. Pfizer watched the release of Viagra in 1998, which quickly became a real sales slump. Therefore, I strongly recommend Sab von Pfizer and no generics from other companies. Our good experiences have been made with this medicine and described here.

What alternative products are there for Sab Simplex?

Sab Simplex is by no means the most widely used drug of its kind, which is very much recommended by doctors, pharmacists and especially midwives.

There are, of course, a number of further preparations on the market that use the active substance Simeticon or similar substances. The local pharmacy is happy to provide you with information about this and has other products of this kind in stock.

Lefax, which the Bayer Group produces, is most likely to be the most popular. Another similar product is Espumis from Berlin Chemise. With the “abbey for children gastrointestinal relaxation suspension” there is even a means, which is not pharmacist-liable and can be bought in drugstores or even in supermarkets.

Alternatives for babies and toddlers

If, on the other hand, medicinal products which are not taken but are used externally, for example, the Tamany Med Windsalbe or the four-wind massage oil from Medesign can be used. Both products are also suitable for babies and toddlers.

Tips to prevent and alleviate flatulence

It is best, of course, to avoid flatulence in the infant age or reduce their frequency. Or to ease them if they cannot be avoided.

Sometimes even simple home remedies help, which our grandparents have already used when their children had to struggle with flatulence.

The principles behind all these little tricks and measures can all be limited to two factors:

Hot water bottles and grains

For example, a hot water bottle on the baby’s belly can quickly lead to a relaxation in the gastrointestinal tract. Note, however, that the hot water bottle should not be too heavy. In addition, it must be wrapped in a thick cloth to avoid burns of the skin.

Super help here also graining pillows. These are pillows filled with cherry cores, wheat or spelled grains. These can be heated in the microwave and store the heat over an extended period of time. My mother-in-law has always given us her self-sewn grains.

Note, even in the grain pillow, should be a blanket or a cloth between the skin and the pillow.

Body heat

Flatulence and associated pains are a new and exceedingly unpleasant experience for babies. They are not the least cause of stress and anxiety. Reassurance and the feeling of security do so need. Of course, the parents are responsible for this. Body warmth and a lot of body contact practically always prove to be a good means to soothe the child. This can also lead to a more relaxed food intake, which in turn means that not too much air gets into the child’s stomach.



A gentle belly massage is also a miracle. It brings the gastrointestinal tract in motion leads to possible foams dissolving there in a very natural way.


In the end, of course, also the well-known transpiring and weighing in the arms, so that the small quickly calms down again and the flatulence immediately dissolve in air – or as not even felt so bad.

We use a baby carrier bag for this. So, you can carry the little one directly and comfortably to the body and also use the arms.


Sab Simplex is an effective medicine for the treatment of flatulence in babies and infants. It is also particularly suitable for dealing with the dreaded three-month colic.

Although the product is not produced on a plant basis, its active substance Simeticon is still very well tolerated and is absorbed by the body only briefly and then excreted again. Sab Simplexist is available for sale, a doctor’s prescription is not necessary.

In the early days, it helped us to manage the flatulence of our little one. Therefore, we give a clear recommendation for a healthy diet🙂

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Written by Jason Harris